This inspection checklist is included in the T & J Panel Design, Installation, and Maintenance Manual ​ for further reference.

​1) Is the depth of the panels within guidelines?​
​2) Are drain lines level or within less than 1/4 inch fall per 10ft?
​3) Have seals been properly constructed?
​4) Was the proper sand used in the trench backfill?
Is the sand clean? (i.e. free of debris, large organics, leaves, etc.)
Has the sand been screened? (to a medium-grade, not too fine, free of large rocks)
Is the sand naturally-occurring? (i.e. from a river, creek, sand pit, etc., not manufactured)

​5) If in soils where clay is present, were the sidewalls raked and limed?
​​6) Were panels installed horizontally or vertically, according to the permit?
For Pumped Systems:
​7) Have pump size, head pressure and dose cycle been properly sized and set?
​8) Record field data on operations permit.

Design Tables

Use the tables below for assistance in designing panel block systems

Design & Inspection

Manufacturer's Specifications for Using Reduced On-Center Spacing


Please utilize our latest Manual when designing and inspecting the T & J Panel Wastewater Treatment System.  If you have any site specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact our offices at (704) 924-8600to speak with a consultant.

Do not hesitate to reach out to a design consultant with T & J Panels to help answer any questions you may have regarding the use of panel block systems.  We help with LPP system design, manifold design, on-site consultations, and any other service that might be needed in the field.  Please contact Our Staff with any questions pertaining to design or use of a T&J Panel System.

Please contact T&J Panels with any questions regarding foam sealer.

Inspection Checklist

Design Calculator​​

Please See Page 3 of our Install Manual for Manufacturer's Specifications for Using Reduced On-Center Spacing