The Panel System began primarily because of insufficient space for conventional systems.  A Panel System should be considered when: a quality effluent may be needed, space is limited, usable soil is limited, or there are indications that at some future time space may be needed for other development.  The T & J Panel offers a 50% reduction on total line lengths in the state of North Carolina.  A Panel System can be installed in conjunction with any distribution method.  The biggest difference between the Panel and Conventional systems is the aerial area needed and the quality of effluent being introduced into the ground.


Advantages of THE T & J Panel System

About T & J Panels

North Carolina's 50% reduction system

Real Space Comparison

  • Installed in 50% less space than conventional systems
  • One of the most successful septic systems available
  • Less land disturbed during installation
  • Can be installed as gravity flow, pressure manifold, or low-pressure pipe distribution
  • Each panel works as an individual unit
  • Panels may be grouped where best soils are found
  • Better quality effluent for your groundwater​
  • Effluent discharged higher in the soil profile
  • Similarly installed to conventional systems
  • Lines can be inspected or serviced through lids
  • Two installation methods to meet most site needs
  • Onsite job delivery available statewide