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Installation of T & J Panels

1) Download and review the current T & J Panel Design, Installation and Maintenance Manual

You can also view our T & J Panel Order & Delivery Video to familiarize yourself with what to expect when ordering.
2)Am I installing a horizontal or vertical T & J Panel System?
​3) What are the lengths of each individual line?
​4) Is this gravity, pressure-manifold, or low-pressure distribution?
5) Contact T & J Panel for a materials estimate
6) Locate the closest source for the appropriate backfill sand
7) Determine the total amount of pipe needed

          What size pipe?   2-inch, 1 1/2-inch, 1 1/4-inch
​8) Determine the total amount of 1x6 needed (total trench length)
​9) Coordinate delivery of backfill sand to jobsite
​10) Coordinate delivery of the T & J Panel System
​11) Schedule an install training with T & J Panel (if needed)

Vertical Installation Training Video

T & J Panel Suppliers

Materials checklist

To help with installation, T & J Panel provides a jobsite materials checklist for use when installing a panel block system.  This list includes all the necessary materials to complete the installation of a T & J Panel System.  Please note that not all materials are available for purchase from

T & J Panel, Inc. and will require you to get those materials to the jobsite yourself.  To familiarize yourself with what
T & J Panels offers on the jobsite, watch the T & J Panel Order & Delivery Video.  If you have any questions about materials, or sources for materials in your area, please contact our offices.  Many suppliers across the state stock T & J Panels, as well as all additional products necessary to complete a full septic system installation.  Please reference our list of suppliers if you are looking for a local distributor for your job.

Horizontal Installation Training Video

Installer Training

Installation Checklist

Please utilize these installation resources while installing the T & J Panel Wastewater Treatment System in North Carolina.  If you have any site specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact our offices at (704) 924-8600 to speak with a consultant.

T & J Panel is proud to work with suppliers across North Carolina to provide the T & J Panel Wastewater Treatment System to jobsites statewide.  Please feel free to contact a local supplier for a quote on your job, or you can always contact T & J Panel, Inc. directly to get a materials quote. 

T & J Panel offers statewide, Moffit delivery to your jobsite; contact our office today to schedule a delivery.

While T & J Panels does not require a product specific installer certification, it is our goal to train installers to correctly install a panel block system.  If it is your first time installing, inspecting, or designing a system, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, or to ask us to include the installer training for your job.  Installation training will send a company representative to your jobsite to discuss the panel block system and how to properly install them. 

T & J Panels recommends an installation training for each orientation of the panel block system (both horizontal and vertical).  Contact our offices at 704-924-8600, or email info@tjpanel.com to schedule an install training for your job.

All sand sources are required to be independently verified by the installer to ensure that the provided sand meets the specifications for backfill in a T & J Panel System.  T & J Panel has compiled a list of suppliers who have been reliable sources for appropriate backfill sand throughout North Carolina.  To inquire about a sand source in your area, contact our office at

704-924-8600, or email us at info@tjpanel.com.
T & J Panel DOES NOT GUARANTEE that the sand provided to you will meet the specifications required.  It is an installers responsibility to verify that the backfill sand is a clean, screened, medium-grade sand that is naturally-occurring.


The backfill sand used in T & J Panel Systems is crucial to the long term success of the septic system. Please contact our offices if you have any backfill sand related questions.  Click here for a county by county list of potential sources of backfill sand.  Be sure to check with these sources to ensure they supply the correct type of sand.
Backfill sand shall be a clean, screened, medium-grade sand that is naturally-occurring.  Acceptable sands are sands that are suitable for the production of ready-mix concrete and clean of organic debris and stone.  Sands dredged from rivers and creeks can be used, if gradation is sufficient to be blended into ready-mix concrete production.  Product description includes, but is not limited to: Concrete Sand, NC-2S Sand, ASTM C-33 Sand, FA-10 Sand and Grade “A” Sand.  Product suitability is important and T & J Panel, Inc. will help answer any questions.